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In Search of the Divine – Sharon

When there was no answer to a problem, Sharon found that it was better for her to go within, to seek counsel from her intuition (that inner wisdom, coming from her higher self, guides and masters).

The day was particularly beautiful, the sun was shining and the air was filled with the perfumes of wattle and the blossoms of spring flowers budding and blooming. But there was something that Sharon needed to know: Was Damien the man of her future? Would he be a good father to Nicholas, her five year old son? And could she trust him enough, to open her heart again.

Sharon had been a single mother since Nickolas’ conception. His father had not wanted the responsibilities of parenthood and had departed soon after. She had made a good life for herself and now, at 35 years of age, was a secondary school Department Head. Nicholas had been cared for by her mother whilst she worked, but was beginning school this summer.

Sharon had recently met a very attractive man, named Damien, at a friend’s birthday party. Damien was still single, in his late 30s and was very interested in pursuing their relationship further. Sharon’s father had left her mother and her, when she was 12 years old and Nickolas’ father had abandoned her too. She was having trouble believing, that she would not attract this lesson again.

Since Nickolas’ birth, she had done much personal work on herself, searching for answers to her feelings of unworthiness and abandonment. She had learnt Reiki and how to connect to the universal energies, to still her anxious heart. She had also joined a meditation group that supported her new beginnings. There she was able to share and look at her thoughts and worries from a spiritual perspective, in an accepting and nurturing environment. But still she was perplexed. Damien had appeared out of the blue and instantly, they had a connection and gentle rapport. Damien was a male nurse and had a nurturing spirit. She felt safe and happy in his company. He loved playing with Nickolas and was fun to be around.

Sharon had no doubt that he loved her. The question was, could she allow herself to be ‘vulnerable’ again? Could she let go of her past, take a chance and move on? Would she be able to accept the lessons, of the ‘abandonment’ archetype and see the blessings that it held? Since Nicholas’s birth she felt that she had become a very strong and independent person with drive and passion for her career. Could she let go of her feelings of unworthiness and listen to her heart’s inner guidance, to accept the ‘gift’ that was being presented NOW?

After much inner turmoil, Sharon finally decided, to take a chance on Damien. She agreed to go on a summer holiday with Nicholas and Damien into the country and see how the relationship would grow, in a completely domestic, holiday setting. They found they had much to share and Nickolas was always there, to keep them grounded with their hearts open.

Damien knew that Sharon was the woman for whom he had been waiting. He had come from a large family and had quickly taken a liking to Nickolas. He was aware that Sharon had been hurt in the past and was ready to embrace her pain, until she grew through it. He was in no hurry, but dreamt that their relationship would grow into something rich and fulfilling.

As time passed, Sharon let go of her past and embraced her new archetypes of ‘lover’ and ‘mother’. She moved in with Damien allowing herself to become ‘vulnerable’ and authentic once again, now willing to co-create joint hopes and dreams!

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