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In Search of the Divine – Sarah


The evening was cold and dreary. Sarah was waiting for a bus in the pouring rain. She had been stood up by her partner. He had failed to meet her for dinner, once again. She wondered why she was always the one, for whom people had little time.

She and Nick had been together for such a long time, but still there was no firm momentum toward a lasting commitment. Sarah was successful in her work and helped many people as a nurse. She worked long hours, caring for others. It would be nice if someone cared passionately for her.

Often she felt lonely and that she needed more meaning in her life. She hoped children would fulfill her, but she was not sure that Nick was the man, with whom she wanted to have children.

Eventually she left her partner. Hoping to create a better future, she moved out of the city to find a community in a rural setting. She was given a dog to keep her company and she went on long walks and meditated on the direction of her life. She made many friends who were also animal lovers. She found work in the local doctor’s surgery and a comfortable home beside a running stream with ferns and dragonflies.

As she walked and worked and contemplated her life, in this peaceful setting, she began to talk to the Spirit of her own understanding. Together they found solutions to her personal problems. Her values changed and she met groups of like minded people who valued her. With a new enthusiasm and passion for life, she found fulfillment in her calling.

Doors began to open, as her life was now balanced by love, acceptance of herself and her connection to Spirit.

The world became a larger place for her, with unlimited horizons. She began to create dreams that were no longer limited by other people’s expectations or possibilities. Her mind opened and as she ‘awakened’, she began to attract others. In time she found a partner on the same path that she now traveled.

Sarah at last, felt whole and able to stand alone, lead only by her inner dreams!

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