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In Search of the Divine – Regina

Today was the first day of spring, buds were blooming, the sky had lightened and warming sunshine was filling the garden with light. Regina was sitting daydreaming on the swing in the back of the garden. She had been thinking for a long time, about things that needed attention, in her home, her work and her daily life. It was as if she were floating free, meditating on a stream of consciousness, that allowed her to see the bigger picture of her Life.

She didn’t know what to do about her relationship with John. They had been together for 10 years and now had a beautiful little daughter, Shelley almost 2 years old. They adored her, but there seemed to be little time for their own relationship and personal intimacy. As Regina worked part- time, as a psychotherapist and John worked in the world of business, there was little time for relaxation and fun at the end of the day. Usually they felt sheer exhaustion and the need to recover for the early morning ahead.

Today was Sunday; Shelly was having her morning sleep whilst John was pottering around the house and Regina was enjoying musing in the garden. Where could she start to unravel the busy web of constancy that permeated every aspect of their lives? It was as if she were on automatic overload, doing what needed to be done, rather than co-creating her days with Spirit and her angels. She needed to get off this ‘merry-go–round’ and find some way to place herself on firm ground, where she could take back control of her life.

What could she do to change the patterns and daily routines? How could she change chaos, into free floating and orderly creative inspiration? She knew that she didn’t have to re-invent the wheel. Others with small children had found a way and she must talk with Spirit to find a path forward for herself and her family.

She decided to share how she really felt with John and see if they could come up with solutions for both of them, whilst Shelly was still sleeping. They sat down with a snack and told each other how they really felt about their life. John discussed their major priorities, financial and the time they had to spare. Regina talked about the things they might like to do in the future for the home, holidays and lifestyle changes that they could make, to find more time to be together, with or without Shelly present.

They looked at the patterns of chaos in their domestic routines and what ways they could work together to change them. More importantly they planned relaxation activities and holiday goals to look forward to, as the weekly routine progressed. They gave themselves a night together, just to catch up and be simple together, once a week, a date night or just a chill out night with an easy meal. They realised that they were in this together, that it was part of their joint contract, an offering to each other’s growth and wellbeing. So they needed to make it work and be creative in anticipation of their personal time spent together.

Soon with both partners walking on the same path, their relationship began to flower again and order and fun returned to their days. They had goals for the future and support and fun in their daily routines. They now co-created the days of their lives together: as lovers, partners and as a family.

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