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In Search of the Divine – Melanie

“Why has it been so long, since I heard from him? He knew that I was waiting for an answer!” These were some of the thoughts that returned to Melanie as she waited for a reply to her application. She had been asked to apply for a position, at work, that both thrilled and frightened her at the same time. It was a promotion but more so, a new challenge, in the direction in which she hoped for and wanted her career to develop.

Three days had passed and still no acknowledgement, that her application had been received. She had felt inspired, when she had written this application but now as the days passed, fear and self doubt began to enter from her subconscious mind. “What if she were not good enough? What if they wanted someone much older and more experienced?”

These were the doubts that were beginning to interfere with her manifestation and co-creation of the next step on her path. Could she hold back the miscreations that would sabotage the next step of her journey?

Melanie knew that if she held the vision of her working in this new job, helping and teaching indigenous children, she would achieve her passion. The challenge was to let go of self doubt, in the small hours of the night or while walking in a crowded mall.

So, she went home and created a vision board, of all she would do and see in this new job. She put it on her bedroom wall above her computer. Then she found some pictures of indigenous children and made them, the screen saver on her computer screen. Now the positive energy of her vision was always with her. In this way, she was able to let go of the energy of fear, that surrounded this application and stay in the moment and vision of her future.

As time passed, Melanie found that she had missed this job, but another was presented. The next job had better conditions and remuneration and was in a place that was more to her liking. She gladly accepted it and is now, pursuing the occupation of her passion and dreams.

For Melanie knew that if she had the courage to trust, and to maintain her passion and vision, the rest of her dream would unfold.

Click to download PDF Melanie’s New Grid


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