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In Search of the Divine – Mandy

“Why can I only remember one lifetime? Why can’t I remember what causes my fears and anxieties?” These were some of the questions that were running around in Mandy’s mind as she wrestled with thoughts that would not let her sleep. Like many people, her subconscious fears were there to haunt her at night.

Mandy at the age of 29, had an unhealthy obsession with death and dying. Often in the middle of the night, she would awaken with a ‘scream’, after a nightmare that was very real to her. She would relive the same scene, over and over and feel cold and frightened, as she returned to the reality of her conscious mind. Always she was ‘drowning’. She had fallen off a ship into a wild and woolly sea, in the dark of night. She knew that this was not real, as she had never been on a ship and had every intention of never going on one.

As the days passed, when she could not let go of this memory, she would develop aches and pains in the body, where she stored her obsessional thoughts and remembrances of her fear, in her waking hours. In time she developed addictions, which let her hide, from herself and her fears.

At last, she sought help from a therapist, and began to understand the power of her subconscious fears. She was lead to a Reiki Master who helped her to become aware that her body and subconscious mind held memories of more than one lifetime. She learnt that she had had, many lifetimes in which to experience and learn new things, about loving herself and others.

Together, they revisited this lifetime that haunted her, to find the lesson and it’s blessing, so she could move on beyond her fears. Slowly, as they worked together and delved deeper into the layers of her consciousness, old fears, blockages, thought patterns and patterns of behaviour that no longer served her, were lifted and replaced. At the same time, karmic issues were dealt with and transformed or transmuted into light and love.

Over time, with gentle guidance and support from energy healing, Mandy was able to work through and face her feelings of victimhood, guilt, low self esteem, unworthiness, sabotage and denial. As she did this, she became more consciously aware, of all the ‘good’ and ‘beauty’ in her life. She realised that she had much to be grateful for in this present lifetime, which she had chosen. Now, Mandy strives to create and live, the life of her ‘present dreams’, one day at a time!

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