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In Search of the Divine – John

When we look at the time that was spent, searching for a solution to John’s problems, it is easy to understand his dilemma. John had been searching his whole life, for the ‘perfect’ partner, ‘perfect’ job and the ‘perfect’ mission for this lifetime.

John was a geologist and he understood the mathematics of the crystalline structure of the Earth with great precision and detail. Unfortunately, John was a novice when it came to matters of the heart. Here he was lost in the emotional complexity of it all and could not fathom how to navigate the lessons of the heart.

He had just begun his fifth, soul mate relationship with Andrea, a beautiful, fellow scientist, but already he was entering unchartered waters. His feelings did not measure up against the facts of his perfect pictures. His logical mind constantly put up road blocks to this new relationship with Andrea.

What could John do? He really wanted this relationship to grow and work. He was now 34 years old and was looking forward to becoming a father and somehow creating a meaningful and sustainable relationship. Andrea on the other hand was not sure about John. He seemed to express little warmth or passion, as if his heart were clouded over or blocked by some inner dread of vulnerability.

John’s parents had fought and divorced and from an early age, he had learnt to suppress his emotions in order to keep out of trouble. Now, John was finding it hard to unlock the key to his heart, but he really wanted to find a way. As a child, he had always shared all his thoughts and feelings with the Spirit world of the Moon and Stars. There he felt comfortable and safe. So he went off for a day or two, on a dig and communed with his spirit within, as he gazed into the night lights of his camp fire.

There John sought advice and received answers from his inner voice, which lead him to take Andrea camping. There, beside the camp fire, John was able to share some of his childhood fears and dreams with Andrea. He found that Andrea responded to his honest sharing. In turn she openly shared her hopes and dreams.

Together, that summer, their relationship grew over the light of many campfires and with the dawn came the hopes and dreams of a future, they could share together. John had let go of his ‘perfect’ pictures and begun to create a reality that two could share!

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