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In Search of the Divine – Jennifer

It is easy to see, when we look back at Jennifer’s life, that it had always been filled with challenges. Some lessons were of her choosing and some related to hereditary karmic challenges. Indeed she had chosen a large contract for this lifetime.

She was born with webbed toes. This alone, in her Chinese culture, set her apart. To be born with such a deformity was seen as a bad omen and her parents abandoned her at the age of one. She was left to live with her elderly grandmother. This sowed the seeds of rejection and unworthiness in her consciousness. She was also ridiculed at school for being different and was treated as an orphan by her extended family.

Finally, she met a man, married and immigrated to Australia, where such differences were not noted and she was blessed with two beautiful children. But her early childhood experiences were still with her and the seeds of victimhood and unworthiness coloured her thinking and how she experienced the world at large.

She separated from her partner at 30 and feeling desperately alone, began her journey into the Self. Well educated, she managed to make a good living for herself and her children. But there was always a feeling of neediness or emptiness, that lead her to search for her soul mate, someone, who would somehow, make her feel whole.

She joined social groups and found acceptance and self reliance in the martial arts and dancing. She read herself to sleep, with self help books looking for answers, as she battled against the challenges of depression and single motherhood.

As her children grew older she found peace and acceptance in meditation and yoga groups. There she found people like herself, trying to find meaning and propose in their lives. They asked questions like: Why are we here? Where have we come from? And what are we meant to do with our lives? Together they shared their experience, hope and faith.

Jennifer became aware, that she had a journey to make, a contract that was uniquely her own. She explored new ways of thinking about her experiences. She began to look for the lesson in each
new challenge that arrived in her life and soon she was able to accept gratefully, each new experience.

Her depression disappeared, as she realised her life would ‘constantly change’ and all of her experiences had a hidden blessing and lesson. Now, she began to ask herself what she really wanted, from her life. She began trying new things and ways of living that allowed her to follow her ‘heart’. Very gently she was gently lead by her guides and angels to create a new life, filled with meaning, satisfaction and purpose.

She knew also, that as she walked this path with the Divine, she would find the soul mate that she was destined to meet, at the appropriate time. Her days were now filled with joy, peace, happiness, and a simple love of life!

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