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In search of the Divine


My blog is about real people and their stories.

Most of the people that I see in my healing room are those simply searching for greater meaning. They come for assistance to understand and make sense of the many challenges in their lives.

My story is much like yours.

As a child, I had a close affinity to animals and the natural world. I would talk to Spirit in nature as I played outside in the garden.

As I grew older, I let go of childish things, but at night I would talk to the Moon and Stars and tell them, of all my hopes and dreams.

As an adult my contracts and mission developed through relationships and challenges. Once again, I was forced to talk to the God Within, to make sense of my own reality.

This blog will be about ordinary people as they began their search for the Divine and how they awakened and came into Spirit. Look for the similarities not the differences.

Each story will be accompanied by a Consciousness Grid of Sacred Geometry.

You may like to print it up and channel answers to your own questions and problems, as YOU also awaken to your own journey, in Search of The Divine.

Ann Wherry

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