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In Search of the Divine – Anthea

There was a time when Anthea knew she had made a mistake. She has always wanted to become a photographer. At school she had excelled in the creative arts. Her paintings won first prize in the local art shows. But she chose to become an accountant, as her father believed, that she could not make money in the Arts.

Now at home with three teenage children, she wasn’t making money anyway. She often felt lonely and empty inside and thought she would like to return to the larger more interesting world of people, places and things. She had no wish though, to spend the rest of her life sitting at a computer desk ‘crunching’ numbers.

But more and more lately she had been envisioning herself out taking photos of people in exotic places. She had walls of photos of her children and family at home. Now she was playing with the idea of going back to school and becoming a professional photographer. Perhaps she could work with children, brides and advertising firms that would give her a larger window on the world?

Jeff, her husband was a good provider and happy in his profession as an engineer, which took him away from home, regularly. The children had large social lives of their own and only needed her to fetch and carry. Anthea’s sense of self had begun to shrink, as she lingered in the role of domestic and social organiser for the family.

It was time to make her escape before it was too late. Her body was beginning to feel a few aches and pains born of neglect and little exercise or relaxation. Her best friend Jane, also caught in a rut, suggested they might like to start nurturing themselves, by having a Reiki regularly just for fun and relaxation. This they did. Then together they started going to the Meditation group weekly and later, the Yoga class all held at the Wellness Centre.

Rachael, another friend, was going to the Reiki Teacher, (who also did Vibrational Balancing) to deal with some of her emotional issues. Soon Anthea began regular sessions to work through her fears about returning to work and other relationship issues. Anthea gently began to awaken to her own inner needs and true potential with the healing energy of Reiki. She released resentments and fears that were blocking her hearts ability to expand and in the sacral she dealt with blocks in the relationship chakra.

Anthea decided to learn Reiki for herself, to help sooth her family and friends with the energy of her healing touch. She had come a long way from the insecure mother of the past and had now gained the courage to enrol in photography school. With her new self awareness she had awakened to who she truly was and had found something that she was meant to be and do.

As the years went by she continued with her Reiki practise and became a wonderful photographer. She was now able to capture the joy she felt in her daily life and share it with others! You might also like to work on self esteem issues of your own, by experiencing Reiki and Vibrational Balancing with Ann, as a Distant Healing or at her Wellness Centre in Melbourne.

If you would like help to address your issues, contact:
Ann Wherry on Facebook; Linked In (Annabelle Wherry); or at GOLDEN LIGHT ENERGIES, or call 0409 330 836 for an appointment or for a Distant Healing.


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