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In Search of the Divine – Renee

There were but three days left before the Equinox and the autumn harvest festival. Renee could already feel the shifts within her physical body as the energies arrived. Her changed sleeping patterns, the alertness and sharp focus on awakening, were all signs. She could not wait to start the new day!

There was much to accomplish before winter set in. Renee had always felt close to the land, her animals and garden. She would spend hours outside enjoying the warmth of the sun, planting, pruning and watching the harvest grow. Renee, her husband Anthony and two children, Jesse and John, lived on a small sugar plantation in the tropics. It was a family farm handed down for generations, but still provided a modest living and allowed them to know and live on the land they loved.

There had been a dark period in her life, when Jesse, her little girl was, eleven years old. Jessie had contracted a virus that put her in bed for months on end. Traditional allopathic medicine could do little to help with the pain and constant headaches.

Finally Renee’s sister Joan helped, by suggesting she seek the help of a Natural Therapist, a Reiki and Vibrational Balancing Teacher, whom she could recommend herself. This healer lived in another state but did distant healings that she mailed when finished.

Renee had faith and trust in her higher power, so she allowed her intuition to lead her and she began to work with this spiritual teacher and healer from afar. Each healing found Jessie recovering and Vibrational essences were sent to support the healing. Drops of these essences were taken daily in a glass of water. Renee had already experienced Reiki, from her sister and she understood the power of energy, which could be trapped in water and expanded.

Over a series of healings, Jessie’s blocks to healing were removed, Karmic lessons were lifted with the Cartouche, spirals and cycles of repeated lesson were ended and a new consciousness replaced old lessons with new contracts of ease and grace. Finally Jessie felt light and totally aligned with her present contract, freed from the patterns of the past. She was filled with wellbeing and returned to vibrant health.

All was explained to Renee in the written healings and she grew in understanding and trust of her own inner wisdom and connection to the Divine. Soon, she was lead to a meditation group in her local town where she could share her knowing with others.

Jessie caught up with her school work and is now a strong, happy child who enjoys receiving ‘Reiki for Children’ from her Aunty. When needed, the family still receives distant healings from the Natural Therapist that they have come to know, love and trust.

You may have issues that you would like to address with Vibrational Balancing, if so you can contact Ann for a Distant Healing on the address below. It makes no difference whether you are local, interstate or overseas, as the healing is done in Melbourne and sent to you. A follow up debriefing is then arranged on Facebook or Skype after the healing is read. Renee found that there was no issue that could not be understood or healed, when she sought a spiritual solution to her problems!

If you would like help to address your issues, contact:
Ann Wherry on Facebook; Linked In (Annabelle Wherry); or at GOLDEN LIGHT ENERGIES, or call 0409 330 836 for an appointment or for a Distant Healing.


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