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In Search of the Divine – Olivia

There came a time when Olivia knew she must slow down and take stock of what she had achieved and what she needed to do next.

She had been working at a merciless pace to get ‘things’ done, since her relationship breakup. Why was it that she still, couldn’t sleep in the small hours of the morning? She and Tom had been separated for six months now, but still she had little peace. She felt she had to keep herself constantly busy for fear of remembering, that she was now alone and all her hopes and dreams were in disarray.

When would she be able to look at herself in the mirror without making judgements and feeling miserable? Olivia knew that their relationship had come to a necessary ending when Tom found someone, he loved more. But constantly, she cluttered her consciousness, with thoughts of ‘What if? And ‘If only’ she could have done or been better.

She was definitely having trouble letting go and surrendering to her new path or journey. She could not accept that here contract with Tom and the lessons they had taught each other was complete. She saw herself as a failure, because she couldn’t ‘hold her man’.

Olivia had much to offer the world, as she was a secondary school teacher and English master and was gifted at inspiring children. She knew of all the great novelists and their stories and lives. These she shared with her students but inside she felt blocked or stuck, going around in circles, living in the past.

Finally she came to this day, when her body wouldn’t move, and her heart felt broken, and she had to accept and reconcile herself to the pain of this loss. She was feeling abandoned just as she did as a child of 5, when her father left home, never to return.

A dear friend saw her misery and suggested she go to her natural therapist. This she did and found that Reiki released the enormous tension in her body that had grown from her grieving. Each time she visited her therapist, she left just a little bit lighter, as they worked on all her hidden issues. Very soon she began to look forward to the new day, with hope and peace in her heart. She slept well at night and began to notice and allow new people into her life.

Olivia learnt that by surrendering her cares and worries to the Universe, she could begin again to dream a new path or journey, knowing that she was always divinely lead and never alone!

Olivia worked hard on her issues of abandonment and healing was done on her relationship chakra. In time she was given a Heart Re-sequence to help her move on to a new life contract.

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