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In Search of the Divine – Julia

It was a sunny day in May, the leaves were gently blowing in the breeze, and everywhere there was a furtive, feeling of peace. Julia was not used to feeling this way in winter. She had been going through some heavy issues with Josh and her body was feeling weighed down by the emotional upheaval.

There was much to be thankful for, on such a beautiful day, as she had nothing planned and had time to sit and muse, in the sunshine over her morning coffee. Mellissa and John were off to school now and she had space to think, plan and dream. She had been hoping to go back to study this year, but as Josh pointed out, there wasn’t the money. She knew she needed to make changes in her life, now that the children were both at school, but still; she wasn’t sure in what direction.

She had thought she might like to try teaching, as she had always loved children, and office work would not give her the holiday time she needed. Julia was sure she would find her path, as she knew the Universe was always supporting every step of her journey. The questions she must now ask were:

“How can I best serve myself and others?”


“What is the best way to increase our income, find personal satisfaction and have time with the children?”

She sat on the front veranda with her diary and pen and poured out all her feeling and worries to the Universe and her guides. Then as if by magic, new thoughts entered her consciousness, suggesting new directions, ways to change her thinking and areas to explore for new beginnings.

Julia knew, that when she was in ‘resistance’ to Josh and his financial concerns for the family, that the problem must be within her consciousness or connection to the Universe. Now that she had made the time to discuss this with her guides and universal support team, she found this to be true. She was told that money was not the issue. It was her thinking. It was positive energy and thinking that was needed and she was given some affirmations to remove her ‘self doubt’. Instantly six affirmations entered her consciousness and she transposed them onto the page. She was told to say them daily till her thinking became clearer and the way ahead began to flow.

There was much she could do. She had been working with her natural therapist, to clear her emotional blocks and physical issues, for some time. She was now feeling much stronger and happier, in her relationship with her partner and family. She was beginning to peel away the layers blocking her consciousness and purpose.

She was sure, that she had a purpose working with children. She would just explore the ways. She knew that if she took it one step at a time and stayed in contact with the Universe, that she would be gently lead. This she did. She continued to go to her weekly meditation group. She visited her natural therapist when blocked and she found a new path.

She decided to train as a teachers-aide for special children. It would give the family the extra money it needed, she would feel she was making a difference and it gave her the school holidays.

Her partner Josh was very supportive and happy, that she had found a new path that they could both travel together, which met all their needs.

Julia had many sacral issues that needed to be addressed and healing was done on the joint, relationship chakra for Julia and Josh.

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