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In Search of the Divine – Andrew

Did you know that there was once a thought perception that pervaded the Earth Plane? It said, “I am the master of my own destiny, but if I offer loyal service to a master or company, I will be cared for and protected FOREVER, by his love and loyalty to me!”

This for Andrew was the problem with his thinking. He was now in his middle 50s and the world had evolved without his noticing. He had stayed in the one job since his late 20s, and had been promoted throughout the company. He felt safe, appreciated and was handsomely rewarded for his service.

But in the late 1960’s things began to change as a new Global Thought Implant was downloaded onto the Earth Plane. It changed the Patriarchal thinking patterns of the conscious grids and the workplace. The archetype of the ‘indentured servant’ was no longer active. A new thought perception entered the Earth Plane and said “I create my own reality and I move forward by the power of my own inner, spiritual connection. No-one owes me a living. I am powerful and autonomous in my own way!”

As this new thinking pattern arrived in the business world, old hierarchical businesses crumbled, and new more competitive ones with greater integrity, replaced them. Years of tenure were wiped away by the power of the pen, as companies were taken over, restructured and geared for the shift into a balance of masculine and feminine energies, for the coming ascension.

Andrew now found his sense of reality and security had changed. He felt that he no longer knew who he was. His income became insecure, as his company was taken over and he had lost his sense of identity governed by position and income earned. At the same time, his body began to fail him, as he logged his fears into the physical. His prostrate suffered with his lack of self worth and his lungs deteriorated from years of smoking and hiding from his ‘authentic self’.

What was he to do? He asked this question in the small hours of the night! He feared for his wife and two boys. Their future was not secure! If he stepped out on his own, what would he do? He had learned many skills but how would he apply them to the open market?

Just as Andrew had trusted in a ‘father protector’, multinational company, he was now able to turn inward to the Divine with this same trust. He began writing of what he wanted, knew and believed, as he was woken in the small hours by his guides and masters. Slowing, he began to see a new direction for his life.

With the help of his wife, Samantha, he gained the courage to step out of the corporate structure and follow his heart. Together they started up a small business, that would give them power over their lives. They had loved to travel and had gone on many adventures over the years. Samantha had long dreamt, of starting up her own travel business and now with Andrew’s wonderful business and people skills, this was possible. They were able to design a new relationship and partnership, for themselves in the travel service industry.

The new implant, that swept the Earth Plane created challenges of honesty and integrity in business and personal relationships. This new consciousness now allows us to proudly,

‘create our own reality’ and become masters of our own destiny. Andrew, with his ‘trust’ in Divine guidance, had chosen a new journey into a more challenging, richer and fulfilling future.

Click to download PDF Andrew and Samantha’s New Grid

Andrew's New Consciousness Grid

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